Frequently asked questions

What do you sell in this online store?

We sell fragrances such as perfumes for women, colognes for men and hygienic body care products such as body shower gels.

Where do the products come from?

They all come from the supplier company called Aliexpress. They supply the fragrances via their website integration. We import all product information even images from Aliexpress to the Wix store.

How do we order the products?

You can browse any products you wish to see. Can read any information you wish to get informed about the product. On the SHOP ALL page you can click to make a purchase.

What payment method do you provide?

Once you press the button. It will take you to Aliexpress check out. There you can pay via credit or debit card. You can use also PayPal payment. Plus other payment methods will be provided once you are at checkout.

What types of shipping and delivery do you have?

Aliexpress has all types of shipping and delivery services. Such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX and also US Postal Services. Plus others will be provided. Read the policies of Aliexpress here